Writer's Toolbox Daily Task: Nibble

How many words containing 'ouse' do you know?

Trousers—there's one.

Mousetrap—there's another. 

Whoever writes the most 'ouse' in their piece today wins.


Submitted by Pippa, Belmont Intermediate
Even though he was the head mouse and everyone loved him, Jouse couldn't find a spouse. Everyday he would look for one, but he had no luck. Jouse tried everything, different trousers, he even set up a mousetrap to catch a spouse but he ended up killing her.
Jouse decided that he was going to have to go and buy a new blouse to get a spouse. The blouse that he bought was from Mouses Blouses, a lovely little shop that was very well known in the mouse community. Unfortunately nothing worked.
Jouse ended up giving up and realising that maybe he was never going to find the perfect spouse
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