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Proven strategies to increase student engagement

Sydney’s Waverley College teaches 1,500 boys from Year 5 to Year 12.  Deputy Principal of Students Gabrielle Smith was instantly impressed with Writer’s Toolbox after experiencing it firsthand at a Teacher Writing Conference.  Smith took part in a writing exercise, penning a story and then improving it using Writer’s Toolbox tips and tricks. 


She quickly understood: this programme can improve anyone’s writing.


Smith tells us this was the moment she knew Writer’s Toolbox would be beneficial across the board, not just in the English department.


Waverley College implemented Writer’s Toolbox, starting with Year 5.  Within just six months there was such growth and enthusiasm—every child engaged, receiving instantaneous feedback, teachers easily monitoring progress—Smith made it a priority to roll out the programme across the school.



“The Writer's Toolbox approach resonates with me because it engages all our students.  You can see that when you walk through the classrooms.  It's alive with activity and hype when they're using Writer's Toolbox.”