Suitable for Struggling Writers

Inspiring reluctant writers

Hymba Yumba English teacher Monique Pene is passionate about seeing her jarjums (children) thrive.  She credits Writer’s Toolbox with helping her young writers break down obstacles and bring forth all their wonderful ideas.


We’ve all faced the dreaded blank page.  And the jarjums at Hymba Yumba are no different.  “When it comes to writing,” Pene explains, “a lot of my students are reluctant.  They don’t know where to start.  With Writer’s Toolbox providing the structure for sentences and paragraphs, our jarjums know where to begin—there’s no guesswork.” 


As well as providing a launchpad for students, Writer’s Toolbox offers a helping hand to busy teachers.  Pene is available to guide students where they need it, but they don’t need to wait in order to progress.  “The feedback function helps my jarjums to push themselves and see where to improve,” says Pene.  After setting her jarjums a goal—80 per cent or 90 per cent writing strength—they use Writer’s Toolbox feedback prompts to improve their writing and work towards their target.  Students are equipped to take control of their learning, independently correcting their work, refining it further, and creating a stronger piece. 


What about lesson planning, marking, and all the endless tasks that keep teachers busy?  Writer’s Toolbox streamlined these aspects of Pene’s teaching too.  “As a teacher, I have the ability to create tasks for individual classes, assign them, and then go in and see all their work, without having to chase it up.  It’s available to me all in one place, wherever I log on.”


Self-efficacy, independent learning, and supported teachers—Pene’s jarjums are sure to produce some wonderful writing!

“Writer’s Toolbox provides the structure for writing sentences and paragraphs.  Our jarjums know where to begin—there’s no guesswork.”