For All Subject Teachers

Empowering teachers; engaging students

Denise Haven, Associate Principal at Waitākere Primary, could see the school was investing time and energy into raising writing levels—with little success.  Once she had seen Writer’s Toolbox for herself in a two day workshop, she was excited to put it into practice at her school.  The results spoke for themselves.  


The boys at Waitākere Primary have especially engaged with Writer’s Toolbox.  The structure and instant feedback has increased their enthusiasm, with some even working in their own time to better their writing and increase their scores.  


The teachers, equally, have an enthusiasm for the programme.  Common language and structure allows for easy discussion about what they are seeing in each classroom.  Teachers themselves are learning from the tool.  The upskilling from learning the programme and subsequent coaching sessions brings confidence and clarity in their planning and teaching—they feel empowered.


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“Knowing that you’re sending students that are ready to fly at high school—it’s a good feeling.  You’ve set them up.  You know they’re going to be okay.”