Suitable for Struggling Writers

Complete turnaround in writing results

In 2019, Dakabin State High School was facing the worst Year 9 writing results they had ever seen.  Head of English Tracey Ah Boo began searching for an answer and heard about Writer’s Toolbox.  “Other teachers said it would change our lives,” she says.  “I was sceptical at first.  I’ve been teaching for 36 years, and PEEL paragraphs are all I’ve ever known.  But by the end of the second day of the Writer’s Toolbox conference, I'd changed how I thought about writing.”


Ah Boo had found her answer.

Since implementing the Writer’s Toolbox programme, the Year 9 students Ah Boo was concerned about are now in Year 12 and have smashed it out of the park!  They achieved five perfect IA2 persuasive results, and as a cohort are outperforming all expectations.  With Writer’s Toolbox, Dakabin students and staff report high levels of student confidence and a renewed energy and enthusiasm for writing.

You can see the pride on Ah Boo’s face.  She beams, “There’s much to celebrate and we really believe that Writer’s Toolbox is responsible for that.”

“The students didn’t have the confidence to write.  Writer’s Toolbox has really changed that for us—we’ve had the most amazing improvement.”