For All Subject Teachers

An immediate impact on engagement

When Deputy Principal Sue Caltaux implemented Writer’s Toolbox in Parakai Primary School, she saw a near-immediate positive impact.  Teachers and students alike were enthusiastic about the programme.


The big win?  Writer’s Toolbox instant feedback and structure, like the ‘12 Sentence Styles’ that simplify writing for students, sequencing learning to build confidence and capability.  All students benefit from a clear, easy to follow structure, but Caltaux saw exceptional change in Parakai School’s boys—they took ownership of their writing.  Caltaux comments, “Often, boys are disengaged with writing.  With Writer’s Toolbox, the structure and support really worked for them.  To have 12 sentence types, it’s very crisp!”  


Parakai teachers also employed physical classroom resources to successfully engage students.  Sentence Train, in particular, lit up student writing.  “With Sentence Train, students can move a sentence around,” comments Caltaux.  “Starting with a simple sentence, you can add an ‘ly start’ and a comma.  Suddenly, you’re in charge of the sentence.”

“The buy-in from teachers and enthusiasm from students was immediate.”