Suitable for Primary

A Parent's Perspective

Rosa’s mum has noticed a real difference in her daughter’s writing.  The Year 5 student has grown in confidence, ability, and—perhaps most importantly—now finds writing fun.

Rosa’s brother is also enjoying his Writer’s Toolbox Journey.  The physical nature of the Sentence Train allows him to move words and punctuation around, rubbing them out and starting again.  Guess what?  He’s learning sentence structure without even realising.

And Rosa’s mum can see her children’s progress.  Using Writer's Toolbox, Parakai School provides parents with clear, understandable feedback on their children's writing and their next learning steps.  What happens when there are skilled teachers, engaged students, and confident parents working in partnership?  Accelerated student growth.  And that’s priceless.


“Writer's Toolbox is fun, colourful, and takes your ideas to the next level.”